I have been working with the lovely publishing team at Nosy Crow and brilliant author Olivia Tuffin on a series of books for young readers called Sunshine Stables. Each book is full of adventure and are available to buy from the following outlets!
New book release! Published October 2021 Gracie and the Grumpy Pony is the third book I have been privileged to illustrate for Olivia Tuffin with publishers Nosy Crow.
The book is ideal for early readers aged 7-9 and is illustrated throughout.
"Gracie is so excited to be paired with Bobby at pony camp. He looks gorgeous and he rides like a dream! But there's a problem - nothing she does makes him happy and it's breaking her heart. Gracie won't give up. She'll find a way to win over her wonderful pony!"
April 2021
I’m very excited to say I have a book launch today  1st April ⭐️ (not an April Fool!) 
The brilliant Olivia Tuffin has penned two wonderful books and I have been lucky enough to illustrate the stories inside. 
The first book is called “Poppy and the Perfect Pony”. The second “Sophie and the Spooky Pony”. (Perfect for readers aged 7+). With more titles in the series in the pipeline! Watch this space!

Thanks to the fantastic children’s publishers at Nosy Crow and NB Illustration. Of course the books are available to buy online! A perfect gift for pony loving kids!
November 2020
For 2020, I was commissioned to design a set of 5 50p coins for the Westminster Collection with the theme of Christmas Carols. This is the second consecutive year I have been asked to design  the Christmas 50p, in 2019 the theme was Pantomime! 
These are currently being sold as collectable coins from the Westminster Collection website as, sadly, due to COVID-19 the Christmas Carol coins have not been released into circulation.
If you have the time and inclination you can watch a short film about the designs right here!
I was commissioned to illustrate an article for Horse & Hound magazine 
about the pros and cons of buying a pony!
Fashion and ponies, what a lovely combo!
December 2017
James Cropper, based in the English Lake District, supplies distinct, custom-made paper products to many of the world’s leading luxury brands, art galleries and designers. 
James Cropper commissioned me to create 4 images reflecting the quintessential English landscape of the Lake District using 4 different mediums: watercolour, acrylic, pen & ink and pencil crayon. Each panel represents a paper type and joined together they create a single viewpoint. I chose a traditional approach to the landscapes but always wanted to keep them fresh and contemporary. The image was ultimately used as cover for the Cropper Artpad to showcase all the art papers manufactured by Cropper.
October 2017
Stabenfeldt Publishing, based in Sweden, commissioned Jo Goodberry through NB Illustration to produce children's 
story book 'ASTRA". The novel follows the relationship between a 13 year old girl and an Arabian endurance horse. 
The original book was penned by American novelist Chris Platt and translated into Norwegian, Finnish & Swedish. 
Jo provided the cover and all the inside B&W illustrations.

Sept 2017
Jo illustrated new British Bake Off judge Prue Leith's recipe column in the Daily Mail for 3 years, until ironically 
the column was taken on by the BBC where photography was used instead. Jo illustrated 5 recipes a week so this is 
just a small selection of the hundreds of illustrations produced over that time.
Working with my agent NB Illustration, London
August 2017
Jo was commissioned by novelist Emma K Robling to create a book cover & typography for her new novel 
"Beside The Sea". A chick-lit novel set in beautiful Dorset, Emma was keen to highlight a specific view 
overlooking West Bay where the novel plays out. 
Emma Robling said
"Having been wowed by the beautiful covers produced for best seller Belinda Jones, I contacted Jo in the hope that she would 
would be able to bring to life the ideas I had galloping around my head for the cover of my debut novel ‘Beside The Sea’ . 
I was really impressed that Jo took the time to read my synopsis, and understand both the look and feel I wanted for my cover. 
She then patiently walked me through the entire process and gave me a timeframe of completion for each stage. We were in 
regular contact throughout to choose colours and fonts etc.
I vividly recall walking my dogs in the woods and my phone pinging, announcing an email containing my finished art work. 
Opening it I shrieked with excitement, it really was everything I had hoped for. Thrusting my phone into the face of a complete 
stranger I announced “Look, it’s my book cover”. The poor woman smiled politely and walked away very quickly!  
As my second book begins to take shape, I’m already looking forward to working with Jo on my next cover. But this time I’ll 
at least wait until I get back into the car before I open my email...."
Published as an e-book, "Beside the Sea" is available as a download purchase on
December 2016
Jo's illustrations for 'Jason Natural Hair Products' were featured as a case study on SAAHub (Society of Artists Agents). Read more on the Society of Artists Website
Working with my agent NB Illustration, London
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